98.4uFM shutsdown

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Dear UFM 98.4 Listeners
We regret to inform you that we have to stop the broadcast of your much loved UFM 98.4 for reasons that the Broadcast License fee by the Government was too high to run the station. The owners were funding the project for the last 11 months making huge loses, more like a charity to Indian community.
We couldn’t get good advertiser support and couldn’t generate funds , so the owners decided to stop the funding and hence we had to silence the station.
We thank all our beloved listeners for all the Love, Encouragement and Life you brought into the station making us feel the station is yours with your loyalty.
We also thank all the advertisers who really supported us to reduce our loses and bring it this far.

We will be bidding for the new license if it comes for bid under the same banner and hope that we will win at affordable rate and then your voice will be heard again,.
Meanwhile thank you again and keep us in prayers.

Please note; All the winners for all competition going on 13 will be announced thru FB , web and direct contact if possible and will be awarded.

Vinukumar Nair
Chief Operating Officer


This is the Statue of Liberty and I lost my history

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You’re my pumpkin.. pumpkin, hello honey….

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Fox news kills the wrong Ravi Shankar



Feeding pigeons is a health hazard

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The above picture was taken in Salmiya, Kuwait in the morning.  That amount of food thrown under the sign board is lot and could be yesterdays and possibly be in-consumable by humans.  This as the day goes is going to go stale and bacteria is sure to thrive.  With pigeons droppings, cats eating it and humans stepping on it, it could be a health hazard.  Humans could step it and move the bacteria infected food into buildings making it more hazardous.

The ministry officials should do something about this.

Zain mobile data speed

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The first screenshot shown is from an android device.  This mobile device should be having 3.6 MB.  You will notice that it is only receiving a 0.11 MB/s.

The below screenshots taken at different times is from zains e-go device.  This device should be getting 21 MB but rather a 0.2X MB.

Check out the ping values on all 3 screenshots.

Could anyone who reads this direct this post to the relevant department of zain for an explanation as to why this is the case..

Meanwhile in Datta Meghe College of Engineering, India

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Datta Meghe College of Engineering

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