Adam sandler is simply remarkable in I am a legend

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Windows 7 launch in Kuwait

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Another day starts and a hosts of emails to read. Among the emails was the invitation for the launch of Windows 7. Got to the registration, darn the registration did not work, after a few days I called up MS to register over the phone. Voila! they said, I am registered, few days later I received details of the launch. Then someone called me to remind the launch date and venue.

I called a cousin of mine, went early to get him registered as MS does not register new applicants a day before. We reached at 9 Am, it was crowded, they just could not find my name on the list, and I seem to be unregistered for them. darn…
I registered….waited…. till 9:50 Am till the disco lights showed up on the screen.
On went the country manager speaking about why someone should get windows 7 to their corporate, and the rest can go take a hike, seemed like the message.

Then came the user bit of info, that if you SHAKE one window all others get lined behind it bit locker, wireless menu, and a 3 minute demo of what that is all about.

Around 11 am, came the break, and all of us were out in addition to the existing crowd already outside ( probably who were bored with the initial presentation), we thought to have some snacks, not one bit of whatever food was served was left, all over.  Okay fine lets have some juice, NO says the guy who served, no more juice left, lets have some coffee/tea, what a crowd.  Finally, we can wait for the next session to start.  I managed to get 2 glasses of juice for my cousin and myself.

The interactive session begins, and the ticket numbers were called, the guy for the number called was not available, and the comment from the performer on stage, “They must have had the food and left”. – Great comment MS

A Xbox was given out to a guy, who excelled his abilities to bing the performers queries.

Session that followed was very dry, I could barely hear the person speaking (I should have taken photos) and almost slept, then came the Exchange server 2010 details which was great and demo was great.

And here comes interactive performer announcing lunch was ready, off everyone goes, and it was a crowded place (the door of the buffet room).  Doors open and in with a push, I guess none walked, rather pushed.  Few minutes into the lunch, I noticed that lamb that was in the rice, looked like dead animals on a dry and parched land.

Had a few more sessions and left home by 5 PM.

Was it a great Launch, probably not, but MS could have done better.

Let me know how your experience on the Windows 7 launch

Who is JWT?


Just saw this advert in the Arabtimes, and I wondered who is JWT. Is it the name of the tower, or a company.  Where did they move from, but they sure are on the 21st floor