’tis was Thursday, ‘am helping my friend install linux on his system.  Around 9PM, I receive a call, asking me to come ASAP, coz a relative of mine is sick.  I along with my friend, immediately rushed out, drove off to my relatives place.

The guy had vomiting, loose motion, fever.  We took him to the local clinic.  The doctor took a look at him and said he needs drip.  well he goes to the next room, lays down, and on goes a needle to his hand and tube and the nurse hung a bottle.  We just sat there, nothing to do, made a few calls, and in comes some of our friends, to kill our boredom.  After a long 30-40mins the drip being over, the guy barely walking, we had to hold him up.  took him to the doctors room.  The doctors looks, writes couple of stuffs on the white paper.

I go to the pharmacy, the rest holding the sick guy.  The phramcist gave me the medicine, i said there is more behind that white paper, he said umm..hmmmm….yes there is.

He gave me more.. I looked at the prescribed medicines, I saw TamiFlu.  It made me wonder why would the Dr. give Tamiflu, which was for H1N1, and not tell us.  I made my way to the doctors room, and asked him, does this guy have H1N1.  He said the symptoms are there.  I requested reference for a blood test,  he refused saying, this is enough.  I again requested, the doctor stumped me, saying, “I have nothing more to say”

We had to take him to a private hospital, to do a swab test, which the results are due in another 2 days.

But I still wonder, why the doctor refused to provide a reference to blood test, when he suspected H1N1, this is very strange.  Probably the Doctor had an ego issue, thinking, how can this guy just question me. huh!

Some doctors here need to understand the patients more, provide patients more insights to what their problems must be.  They cannot just prescribe medicines at their will.