It was great news when Avatar crossed Titanic in respect to collection.  But has someone noticed that the total collection for Avatar is from 3D, normal screening, abnormal screening etc., But Titanic was only the Normal Screening, there was no 3D.

By the way what is so special in Avatar, that it has hit box office, and requires Oscar Awards.  Probably animation, alien language, or probably story line.  As far as the story line goes its close to what Titanic was, a Jack dying or fighting for Rose, its close to what is shown in Titanic.  Jake Sully nearly died for Neytiri and was revived into a Navi from the tree of life.

Then, so what was so great in Avatar, nothing I’d say, just that America, has lost the touch for movie story line, and anything that comes out of line from the normal car chases, shooting, sex scenes, and this turned out to be different from the movies produced, directed in Hollywood.  This was a movie 15 years in the making, and 15 years old story line, just the graphics has been renewed, with some stunning effects that was produced in 3D.  This movies is not a match for the Titanic, which had collections from the normal screening.

Sorry Avatar lovers, but this is the fact.