Adwords is google’s goldmine where it gets most of its revenues, to those who do not know it allows small and midsize business to advertise on google search engine or via its Adsense partners’s websites using text based ads.

Google ads can be paid based on clicks or impressions, and they have greater targeting options because they are context aware, meaning that you can target an ad based on a certain keyword, to simplify it: if people are looking for Milk and you sell link, your ad will show when users search for the keyword “Milk” on google.

For the Arab world, google has introduced a number of features such as location targeting in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Now google has gone another step by introducing its adwords blog for the Arab world where its says users will get new features, tips and tricks and case studies.

The blog is in English and Arabic and would be helpful for online markers in the Arab region. And is another example of how global tech companies are using social media to reach out to their audience. However we wonder why google call’s it: Adwords MENA Blog in English, while in Arabic it calls it “google Adwords in the Arab world.”

This is the Arab world NOT MENA, most Arabs do not like to be named and coined colonial names . We hope google will rename the english version and keep its English and Arabic names constant.