Macs are the fab are the best, no doubt, but the prices here in Kuwait are astounding. I called up Mac City (Tel: 24911112), went through their EPBAX and finally reached their shuwaikh showroom.  I wanted the 13″ macbook pro.  It was a 590/= with 2.66 GHz, 4GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, LED Screen. Great!

I asked the showroom, sales guy, if I am expanding the memory to 8 gb, additional 4Gb how much would it cost? he says, 240 KD/=


Sales: yes 240 KD

Me: Okay, if I want instead of the existing 320 GB, 500 Gb what would it cost

Sales: additonal 140 KD

Me: I dont want the 320 GB, would it still cost me additional 140KD

Sales: I don’t know, ask the workshop.

Is not the workshop meant to service/repair the systems, and showroom people to give away their prices?