Wataniya Airways is coming back!

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Kuwait’s luxury carrier Wataniya Airways  which ceased operations last month, plans to increase capital by 15 million dinars ($54.07 million), unidentified sources said in published remarks on Sunday.

“The negotiations currently held by the board focus on restructuring the company through increasing capital… to reduce loss and reoperate on commercial basis, and not investment,” Arabic newspaper al-Anba said citing sources.

According to the sources, Wataniya’s Chief Executive George Cooper submitted his resignation after several discussions with the executive management and board to resume the carrier’s operations.

In March, Wataniya Airways halted its operations due to its financial situation and regional unrest. The company reported a deeper net loss in 2010 of 14.1 million dinars compared to 10.9 million dinars a year earlier. (Reporting by Kuwait newsroom; Editing by Dinesh Nair)



At 1 mile (1,600 m; 5,280 ft) tall Saudi skyscraper is mindblowing

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Saudi Arabia is currently working on a skyscraper that will be twice the size of the current record holder, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa (here’s the view from the top and what happens when lightning strikes that one). At 1 mile (1,600 m; 5,280 ft) tall, the Saudi development has a projected cost of $30bn. A city with a capacity of 80,000 people will be constructed around the tower, extending over an area of 23 million square metres.

Permission to build this beast of a building has been granted and construction work is under way. The first video below was shot at the project’s original announcement when the exact height was yet to be set. The second puts things in perspective a little more.




Kuwaiti Documentary: TOKAI

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TOKAI is a documentary about laborers living and working in Kuwait. There are 200,000 Bangladeshi workers in Kuwait. Workers from other third world countries flock to this oil rich nations in hopes of fulfilling their dreams
The injustice goes on”
When will this cruelty end?
When will the government do something about these companies?
Why can’t they have their rights?
Don’t tell me that they live in much worse conditions in their countries; it doesn’t give you the right to oppress them like that.

If the author (not known), and can provide further details on the documentary, directors name or alias, I will publish it.