Turkish Carpet Sales Pitch

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Slick Turkish carpet shops entertain tour groups expertly. While the carpets are beautiful, I find the sales pitch most entertaining. Of course, normal guides and bus drivers make handsome commissions when they bring their groups carpet-shopping, and prices are very soft. But we are very careful not to let the allure of commissions hijack our program. While we include one carpet presentation for the group, we make sure no one is held captive in any carpet shop. (For instance, as soon as this sales pitch is over, we provide a shuttle bus ride back to our hotel for those who don’t want to shop.)


Internet CAPing in Kuwait


There was a time when KEMS was the only ISP in Kuwait.  I remember paying 40 KD/Mo for dial-up and unlimited bandwidth or connection.  At times I used to be connected for 2 days.  Anyway thats a different story.  So the ministry whips them, they loose their what ever is supposed to be lost.  In comes 2 other ISPs.  The ISPs are all hand in hand.

Kuwait is a land of about 2 million people, have ample amount of funds, to have fiber optics directly to US, EU, AU, JP, HK rather than routing it to UAE, KSA.  Internet connectivity should not be a problem.  Well the real issue is not the bandwidth issue, its more of sustaining the required bandwidth.  Assuming 100K people are connected to XXXYYYZZZ ISP at a single point of time and demanding 8 MB, the ISP is bound to have a downfall effect.  This CAP is just a blind fold, anyone can buy 10 HD movies and download them, that is perfectly legal. Then the issue is not of legality or privacy, its more of the bandwidth the users demand, which the ISP cannot supply for the prices the ISP demands.  If one takes the services provided in the US/EU to Kuwait, we have the most pathetic service ever.  Lets just assume British Telecom steps into Kuwait, the ISP will provide 4 MB for 10 KD/Mo.

The MOC is planning to churn out Internet Services themselves, via their lines.  They have laid fiber optics through Kuwait, it started 5 years ago, salmiya was the first place to begin with.

Kuwait is a leading player in the world, from the point of economy, she must have a telecom regulatory board, or does she.