I go to the zain portal to recharge my pre-paid ezee line.  Do a Fast recharge, input my knet number / pin code, and wait…There seems to be no recharge at all.  I look up my bank statements there is a debit to zain.  I call up zain, speak to their support, they create a ticket, and say, it would take a week to get it transferred to your line.  I say, why?

I am just around the corner, you are biggest mobile telecom, company, I faxed you my bank statement, so why does it take a week for someone to call and recharge my account. This is how the system is here in Zain.  This, I say is not possible, how is that.  Got tired of speaking and understanding how Zain works.

Why does it take 7 days for someone to call me and recharge my post-paid line with the MONIES.