Air India and Air India Express strike effect in Kuwait


Come June, schools closed, leaves approved, tickets bought 6 months back, everyone is ready to go for a vacation back to India.  Some people book through Air India express which is relatively cheap in comparison to other Airlines.  One has the option for Air India Express is to book purchase online, saves you at least KD 5.000 or more as the travel agency charges.

Then comes the strike from Air India not because they were not paid but because somebody some where wants to learn to fly the Dreamliner and does not want the other to do so.  Now that is a pre-school attitude.  This attitude is costing the country and Indians abroad dearly, very dearly.  Neither the government, DGCA nor the Air India or Air India Express have the slightest care for the Indians abroad.  The strike had no window of ending, then came cancellation of flights.  I am unaware of how things are elsewhere but here in Kuwait people who booked via Air India Express had to fly by Indian Airlines. Indian Airlines and Air India officially merged in 2011.

Just to be aware the pilots who have called in sick will not be able to resume flying the next day, unless they undergo a medical examination and are certified fit.

Grounded AI flights (Image:Dailymail)

Once you are enlightened, not by Air India Express calling you, but by word of mouth, you run to their office to change your tickets.  I am not saying they do not SMS, call you, but when they do the chances of you flying on the said date is close to impossible.  Assuming you are flying Kuwait-Kochi, Air India Express changes you to fly by Indian Airlines, Kuwait – Chennai – Kochi (well that is what they say). Now to take this flight you will have to be at Kuwait Airport by 1930 for a flight flying at 0000 hrs and you should reach Kochi at 1330.  What Air India Express does not tell you is where this particular flight is touching and what the passenger will go through.  For this particular itenary you will fly Kuwait-Goa-Chenna-Kochi.  In Goa there is no flight change, that sounds good.  In Chennai you will have to go through immigrations, which means you fly local from Chennai to Kochi.

Now comes the tricky part. What if you want to cancel the tickets.  At 40+ degrees  you will have to do the running to the travel agent or to the Air India Express office to cancel. The passengers are entitled to a full refund and the service fee charges by the travel agency or the Air India express office (If you purchased tickets online it would be a little more difficult to get the cancellation charges because that is how the system is designed.).  You will notice that that Air India Express will deduct from the refund KD 4.000 reservation charge.  This KD 4.000 charge is for the usage of their systems to book the ticket.  I am not saying you can, but you could probably claim the KD 4.000 too.

 There is no Air India or Air India Express office in Kuwait you read it right.  When you enter the office that says Air India or Air India Express that is the agency for Air India Express and Air India.  Under the Kuwait Laws the company name should be displayed outside the company, they have not done so.  At least many people are led to believing that they are really entering the offices of Air India and Air India Express.  There is a country manager who is sitting in the office of Air India, representing Air India and is in no way related to the agency.

 The Indian Community must abandon flying Air India, Air India Express, Indian Airlines and fly Kuwait Airways.


List of Indian websites hacked by Anonymous

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The car stereo I want today.

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Canon 7D – Hardcore Durability Test

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We have proven it: the Canon 7D is immortal. Kind of. In this video, we find out how durable the Canon EOS 7D (with serial number 580516676) is by: Hitting it with a car; Dropping it down some steps on a wheelchair; Freezing it, soaking it, and setting fire to it. Find out what happens here.

Disclaimer: Please do NOT attempt to repeat any of these tests. Always follow the manufacturer’ user instruction when using your product. DigitalRev cannot be held responsible for the damage to your equipment if any attempt is made to repeat any of these tests.

RateMyQ80ride calendar

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Thanks to BloggerMathai.Com for the calendar.

Ashton Kutcher impersonating a Bollywood producer in the ad that got Indians blowing hot and cold.

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An advertising campaign for potato chips that featured the actor Ashton Kutcher playing an “Indian” character named “Raj” in brown makeup with a sing-song accent appears to have been pulled after drawing heavy criticism from Indian-Americans the day it started.

The $1.5 million campaign, developed by the chip company Popchips, Mr. Kutcher and the ad agency Zambezi, and promoted by Alison Brod PR, featured Mr. Kutcher as four different male characters looking for love: a white, dreadlocked Brit named Nigel, a Karl Lagerfeld look alike, a tattooed, flannel-shirt-wearing guy with a beard named Swordfish and “Raj.” As of Thursday morning in India, the “Raj” video had been pulled from Popchips YouTube channel and the character scrubbed from the company’s Facebook page.

Popchips did not immediately respond to a e-mailed request for comment.

The campaign “will include video, outdoor ads and social media sites like Facebook and YouTube,” Stuart Elliot wrote in The New York Times on Wednesday.

Response to the campaign was swift and brutal. In a thorough dissection of the ad and appeal to the agencies behind it, the chip company and Mr. Kutcher himself, the tech entrepreneur Anil Dash wrote:

“Right now you’re making the world worse. Not just for me, or a billion other Indian people, but for my son, who I am hoping never has to grow up with people putting on fake Indian accents in order to mock him. Maybe people won’t be familiar with that stereotype if you, yes you personally, can refrain from spending millions of dollars and countless hours of your time on perpetuating that stereotype in order to sell potato chips.”

The Brooklyn band Das Racist weighed in on Twitter: “So, a dude who pimps sex trafficking awareness @aplusk to revive a sagging acreer also plays brownface characters for @popchips #america.” Mr. Kutcher, whose Twitter handle is @aplusk, had yet to respond by Thursday morning in India.

Stereotypical “Indian” characters still seem to be prevalent in the United States, where stereotypes of other races would not.

Bride wanted Matrimonial video

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Bride wanted. Should be as ‘Shivani’ in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki. No drinks, can wear jeans in house, must believe in God. Should know Oracle. Should not get bored with me.

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