Kuwait Fireworks Show on Saturday 10th November 2012, 3 pm until 10 pm
New airplanes with professional pilots from New Mexico based company; they will mount fireworks to the wing tips of the planes and fly them in the night time to create spectacular show that will light up Kuwait sky.
• Biggest fireworks show ever worldwide. Indeed this is going to be one spectacular and historical event, man

y people from different countries are heading to Kuwait to see the show
• Costs over KD 4 Million
• Divided into 9 zones starting from Ruby Tuesday waterfront and extends all the way to the Green Island.
• 5 canvases reflecting certain value of the celebration, it will include great amount of fireworks, lit Kites, Flying falcons, Floating Creatures, airplane Show, heliosphere acrobats… etc.
• Use of over 420 ton of steel for the preparations and fabrication of the frames.