98.4uFM shutsdown

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Dear UFM 98.4 Listeners
We regret to inform you that we have to stop the broadcast of your much loved UFM 98.4 for reasons that the Broadcast License fee by the Government was too high to run the station. The owners were funding the project for the last 11 months making huge loses, more like a charity to Indian community.
We couldn’t get good advertiser support and couldn’t generate funds , so the owners decided to stop the funding and hence we had to silence the station.
We thank all our beloved listeners for all the Love, Encouragement and Life you brought into the station making us feel the station is yours with your loyalty.
We also thank all the advertisers who really supported us to reduce our loses and bring it this far.

We will be bidding for the new license if it comes for bid under the same banner and hope that we will win at affordable rate and then your voice will be heard again,.
Meanwhile thank you again and keep us in prayers.

Please note; All the winners for all competition going on 13 will be announced thru FB , web and direct contact if possible and will be awarded.

Vinukumar Nair
Chief Operating Officer


This is the Statue of Liberty and I lost my history

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Feeding pigeons is a health hazard

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The above picture was taken in Salmiya, Kuwait in the morning.  That amount of food thrown under the sign board is lot and could be yesterdays and possibly be in-consumable by humans.  This as the day goes is going to go stale and bacteria is sure to thrive.  With pigeons droppings, cats eating it and humans stepping on it, it could be a health hazard.  Humans could step it and move the bacteria infected food into buildings making it more hazardous.

The ministry officials should do something about this.

Zain mobile data speed

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The first screenshot shown is from an android device.  This mobile device should be having 3.6 MB.  You will notice that it is only receiving a 0.11 MB/s.

The below screenshots taken at different times is from zains e-go device.  This device should be getting 21 MB but rather a 0.2X MB.

Check out the ping values on all 3 screenshots.

Could anyone who reads this direct this post to the relevant department of zain for an explanation as to why this is the case..

The man who piloted the planes on Nov 10, 2012 Kuwait Fireworks

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Moriarty-based pilot Bob Carlton has heard the skeptics before.  “As a friend of mine said, ‘Airplanes and fire have been mortal enemies since 1903 what the heck do you think you’re doing?’ ” Carlton said.

What Carlton does in his plane certainly seems to defy common sense.  His air show takes place at night and requires Carlton and his team to mount dozens of fireworks to the wingtips of his plane. While a sparkler stream leaves a stunning trail in the sky, wing-mounted fireworks launch and explode as part of a programmed show.  “When the pyrotechnics come off the plane I don’t hear them as much as I feel them,” Carlton said.  Carlton and his crew work out of a hangar at Moriarty’s airport and for the last month they’ve been  working on something big.  The Middle East nation of Kuwait is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its constitution with a $14 million fireworks show. The oil-rich country is trying to break the world record for the biggest firework show ever.  Carlton’s company, Desert Aerospace, has been given a six-figure contract to load three planes with fireworks to participate in the show. His team is set to head out to Kuwait Friday morning to start show set up.  It’ll be a lot of preparation, all for a relatively payoff.

“After all of this done, a month of preparation, three days of travel, this part of the show only lasts four and a half minutes,” Carlton said.  After Kuwait, Carlton has another show set for Australia

Kuwait on Saturday marked the golden jubilee of its constitution with a spectacular $15-million fireworks display which earned the wealthy Gulf state a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.  “I am happy to verify that with 77,282 fireworks, a new Guinness world record has been set tonight” in Kuwait City, a representative of Guinness World Records announced on Kuwait television at the end of the display.

Kuwait Fireworks Show – layout

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Kuwait Fireworks Show on Saturday 10th November 2012, 3 pm until 10 pm
New airplanes with professional pilots from New Mexico based company; they will mount fireworks to the wing tips of the planes and fly them in the night time to create spectacular show that will light up Kuwait sky.
• Biggest fireworks show ever worldwide. Indeed this is going to be one spectacular and historical event, man

y people from different countries are heading to Kuwait to see the show
• Costs over KD 4 Million
• Divided into 9 zones starting from Ruby Tuesday waterfront and extends all the way to the Green Island.
• 5 canvases reflecting certain value of the celebration, it will include great amount of fireworks, lit Kites, Flying falcons, Floating Creatures, airplane Show, heliosphere acrobats… etc.
• Use of over 420 ton of steel for the preparations and fabrication of the frames.

Hepatitis A outbreak Kuwait

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Not sure how true this is, but there seems to be an epidemic hazard of Heptatis A outbreak in Kuwait.

The Infectious Diseases Hospital allegedly received more than 30 hepatitis A patients within a short period, reports Annahar daily quoting sources. Sources revealed the Preventive Medicine Department has been trying to find reasons behind the spread of the disease for three weeks but until now no result has been announced. Meanwhile, health experts have advised the public to refrain from eating fastfood meals to prevent further spread of the disease. They believe the epidemic is local as it might have started amongst some patients who probably consumed contaminated food. The experts said hepatitis A symptoms include feeling cold at the beginning, followed by sudden rise in temperature and liver enzyme levels, in addition to yellowish eyes.

Bio-hazard description:

Bacteria and viruses including Bacillus subtilis, canine hepatitis, Escherichia coli, varicella (chicken pox), as well as some cell cultures and non-infectious bacteria. At this level precautions against the biohazardous materials in question are minimal, most likely involving gloves and some sort of facial protection. Usually, contaminated materials are left in open (but separately indicated) waste receptacles. Decontamination procedures for this level are similar in most respects to modern precautions against everyday viruses (i.e.: washing one’s hands with anti-bacterial soap, washing all exposed surfaces of the lab with disinfectants, etc). In a lab environment, all materials used for cell and/or bacteria cultures are decontaminated via autoclave.

By far I have noticed many garbage containers which has the bio-hazard symbols on them, indicating they were once used at some labs, hospitals.  Should they be brought out to the public?


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