MSI Serves Center?

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Why don’t people proof read what they want to print.  MSI SERVES CENTER…should be read as MSI SERVICE CENTER..


Buying a MacBook Pro in Kuwait

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Macs are the fab are the best, no doubt, but the prices here in Kuwait are astounding. I called up Mac City (Tel: 24911112), went through their EPBAX and finally reached their shuwaikh showroom.  I wanted the 13″ macbook pro.  It was a 590/= with 2.66 GHz, 4GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, LED Screen. Great!

I asked the showroom, sales guy, if I am expanding the memory to 8 gb, additional 4Gb how much would it cost? he says, 240 KD/=


Sales: yes 240 KD

Me: Okay, if I want instead of the existing 320 GB, 500 Gb what would it cost

Sales: additonal 140 KD

Me: I dont want the 320 GB, would it still cost me additional 140KD

Sales: I don’t know, ask the workshop.

Is not the workshop meant to service/repair the systems, and showroom people to give away their prices?



Arabic Text-to-Speech on the iPhone/iPad

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Ever since smartphones began spreading like wildfire throughout the Middle East the demand for translation and Arabic text related applications have increased proportionally.

I’d like to claim I know the entire industry, but I only know what passes my way during the occasional app hunt during driven by passion and frustration with what’s available. Till now I can count only two that stand out.

Sakhr debuted on the Arabic Text-to-Speech scene with their application ‘Arabic Language Buddy’ that was released last year in the iTunes market but hasn’t exactly been getting cheers from the Arabic iPhone community especially with it’s $4.99 price tag. Yet is ranked #1 for human comprehensibility in U.S. Government evaluations. Go figure.

Yesterday marks the launch of the second of such apps with Etkalem by iPhoneIslam providing both Arabic and English text-to-speech functionality that’s quite impressive.


It doesn’t come with a fancy voice selector, but the female robot’s voice should be sufficient for an app that only costs $2. There are some quirks in the app, such as pronouncing Arabic Diacritics that the application doesn’t exactly master, but we can definitely let that slide.

With Google releasing the API for their service Google Tashkeel, that could be overcame without having to reinvent the wheel. I won’t even get into the possibilities combining it with services like Yamli could present.

It does on the other hand come with a built in browser that allows users to read online content through, which could prove to be a powerful tool for iPhone/iPad with visual disabilities.

If you understand Arabic check out the video iPhoneIslam published yesterday displaying the service and let us know about any other similar apps you’d like reviewed. After you’re done you can find the app here on iTunes.


Google Launches AdWords Blog for the Arab world

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Adwords is google’s goldmine where it gets most of its revenues, to those who do not know it allows small and midsize business to advertise on google search engine or via its Adsense partners’s websites using text based ads.

Google ads can be paid based on clicks or impressions, and they have greater targeting options because they are context aware, meaning that you can target an ad based on a certain keyword, to simplify it: if people are looking for Milk and you sell link, your ad will show when users search for the keyword “Milk” on google.

For the Arab world, google has introduced a number of features such as location targeting in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Now google has gone another step by introducing its adwords blog for the Arab world where its says users will get new features, tips and tricks and case studies.

The blog is in English and Arabic and would be helpful for online markers in the Arab region. And is another example of how global tech companies are using social media to reach out to their audience. However we wonder why google call’s it: Adwords MENA Blog in English, while in Arabic it calls it “google Adwords in the Arab world.”

This is the Arab world NOT MENA, most Arabs do not like to be named and coined colonial names . We hope google will rename the english version and keep its English and Arabic names constant.


GoSolo Entrepreneurial Workshop: Raising Capital for Your Startup

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Tadem, the Dubai-based business advisory company, will be hosting a 5th installment ofGoSolo at The Shelter in Dubai, today Wednesday October 13th, 2010 at 7PM.

GoSolo is a series of entrepreneurial workshops organized by tandem and that aim to help and guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the different challenges of launching a startup and give them answers to all their various questions.

This month’s session, titled ‘Raising Capital for Your Startup‘, will include a discussion led by the founders of tandem, Rabih Brair and Amir Farha on the industry, and insights on what investors are looking for in today’s market. The topics include the regional investment landscape, the selection criteria that investors look at and a Q&A session with one of the founders of Duplays.

The inclusion of Q&A sessions are meant to provide a good opportunity for attendees to engage with other Dubai-based entrepreneurs and learn from their real-life experiences and practical advice on starting a business in the region.

Past workshops have provided an overview of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, and tackled the issue of evaluating a business idea, writing a business plan and understanding the financials in the context of a start-up. Over 120 people have attended the workshops so far.

The presentations from the previous workshops can be found on SlideShare here: GoSolo Workshop Presentations.

Attendance at the GoSolo workshop can be confirmed by emailing The Shelter on

Tandem, the organizer of these events, is a business advisory firm targeted at startups and SME’s in the region. Their goal is to help entrepreneurs through guidance and mentorship and a range of services such as business plans, feasibility studies, financial forecasts and market research. Tandem also facilitates access to capital for its clients through its network of investors. The company has been involved in the launch of several growing startups such as Toolman Maintenance Services, Cherry on Top Events, Ignite Fitness and Wellness, and Klipp Media Monitoring.


Google Buzz

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Whats the buzz about Google buzz, No ones buzzing on yahoo buzz, more over, why would I use buz anyways

Google brings in products, that we use it, just because its from Google. Its just the name. Gmail, they came off beat just last year.

I’ll just stick on to twitter.