98.4uFM shutsdown

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Dear UFM 98.4 Listeners
We regret to inform you that we have to stop the broadcast of your much loved UFM 98.4 for reasons that the Broadcast License fee by the Government was too high to run the station. The owners were funding the project for the last 11 months making huge loses, more like a charity to Indian community.
We couldn’t get good advertiser support and couldn’t generate funds , so the owners decided to stop the funding and hence we had to silence the station.
We thank all our beloved listeners for all the Love, Encouragement and Life you brought into the station making us feel the station is yours with your loyalty.
We also thank all the advertisers who really supported us to reduce our loses and bring it this far.

We will be bidding for the new license if it comes for bid under the same banner and hope that we will win at affordable rate and then your voice will be heard again,.
Meanwhile thank you again and keep us in prayers.

Please note; All the winners for all competition going on 13 will be announced thru FB , web and direct contact if possible and will be awarded.

Vinukumar Nair
Chief Operating Officer


And here is a Indian Specialty

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Ashton Kutcher impersonating a Bollywood producer in the ad that got Indians blowing hot and cold.

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An advertising campaign for potato chips that featured the actor Ashton Kutcher playing an “Indian” character named “Raj” in brown makeup with a sing-song accent appears to have been pulled after drawing heavy criticism from Indian-Americans the day it started.

The $1.5 million campaign, developed by the chip company Popchips, Mr. Kutcher and the ad agency Zambezi, and promoted by Alison Brod PR, featured Mr. Kutcher as four different male characters looking for love: a white, dreadlocked Brit named Nigel, a Karl Lagerfeld look alike, a tattooed, flannel-shirt-wearing guy with a beard named Swordfish and “Raj.” As of Thursday morning in India, the “Raj” video had been pulled from Popchips YouTube channel and the character scrubbed from the company’s Facebook page.

Popchips did not immediately respond to a e-mailed request for comment.

The campaign “will include video, outdoor ads and social media sites like Facebook and YouTube,” Stuart Elliot wrote in The New York Times on Wednesday.

Response to the campaign was swift and brutal. In a thorough dissection of the ad and appeal to the agencies behind it, the chip company and Mr. Kutcher himself, the tech entrepreneur Anil Dash wrote:

“Right now you’re making the world worse. Not just for me, or a billion other Indian people, but for my son, who I am hoping never has to grow up with people putting on fake Indian accents in order to mock him. Maybe people won’t be familiar with that stereotype if you, yes you personally, can refrain from spending millions of dollars and countless hours of your time on perpetuating that stereotype in order to sell potato chips.”

The Brooklyn band Das Racist weighed in on Twitter: “So, a dude who pimps sex trafficking awareness @aplusk to revive a sagging acreer also plays brownface characters for @popchips #america.” Mr. Kutcher, whose Twitter handle is @aplusk, had yet to respond by Thursday morning in India.

Stereotypical “Indian” characters still seem to be prevalent in the United States, where stereotypes of other races would not.

An Indian ends life every sixth day in Oman

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In a worrying sign, an Indian living in Oman has been found to commit suicide every sixth day, owing to financial stress or personal issues, official data shows.

23 Indians had committed suicide in different parts of the Sultanate till mid-April this year.

In January and February, eight Indians committed suicide in each month, while four ended their life in March.

Three people had committed suicide till mid-April, Times of Oman reported, quoting data available with Indian embassy in Muscat.

Last week, an Indian mother of three was found hanging from the ceiling at her flat in Ruwi region. 50 Indians committed suicide in Oman in the year 2010, while another 54 in 2011, the report said.

Psychologists and social workers in Oman call this an alarming phenomenon. “Even though the number of suicides was slightly low in March and April, it was quite high in January and February,” an Indian lawyer told the paper.

The reasons behind the suicides, psychologists say, are either financial stress or personal issues such as low self-esteem, depression and interpersonal conflict. Several Indian social and spiritual groups are working in Oman to prevent the rising number of suicides.

“The reason for the high number of suicides could be the lack of someone to confide in,” P M Jabir, Indian Social Club Welfare Secretary, said.

“Many of the victims are people who are living away from their families and relatives, which lead to loneliness and stress. Also, most of these people might be undergoing tremendous financial crisis in fulfilling the family obligations back home. “To overcome all that, they seek easy methods like taking loans from private money lenders, which later turns into a death trap,” he said.

A senior Indian embassy official said the mission is ready to provide help to Indians who are under stress.

“A dedicated Community Welfare Wing, headed by a senior India-based officer, caters exclusively to the needs of distressed Indian workers,” A.P.S. Chauhan, Second Secretary (Community Welfare, Culture and HOC) at the Indian Embassy, said.