Zain mobile data speed

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The first screenshot shown is from an android device.  This mobile device should be having 3.6 MB.  You will notice that it is only receiving a 0.11 MB/s.

The below screenshots taken at different times is from zains e-go device.  This device should be getting 21 MB but rather a 0.2X MB.

Check out the ping values on all 3 screenshots.

Could anyone who reads this direct this post to the relevant department of zain for an explanation as to why this is the case..


Zain and its 7 day call policy

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I go to the zain portal to recharge my pre-paid ezee line.  Do a Fast recharge, input my knet number / pin code, and wait…There seems to be no recharge at all.  I look up my bank statements there is a debit to zain.  I call up zain, speak to their support, they create a ticket, and say, it would take a week to get it transferred to your line.  I say, why?

I am just around the corner, you are biggest mobile telecom, company, I faxed you my bank statement, so why does it take a week for someone to call and recharge my account. This is how the system is here in Zain.  This, I say is not possible, how is that.  Got tired of speaking and understanding how Zain works.

Why does it take 7 days for someone to call me and recharge my post-paid line with the MONIES.

UAE Etisalat confirms bid to buy 46% of Kuwait’s Zain

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UAE telecom giant Etisalat said Thursday it has offered to buy 46 percent of Kuwait’s largest mobile operator Zain and the company’s leading private investor welcomed the move.

“Etisalat has submitted a preliminary conditional offer to buy a 46-percent stake of Zain for an amount of 1.7 dinars (5.97 dollars) per share,” the company said in a statement posted on Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange.

This is the first official confirmation of the size and price of the stake which is estimated to be worth 10.5 billion dollars based on the available outstanding shares of Zain.

“We would like to emphasise that no final agreement has been reached at this point in time as this offer depends on the fulfillment of specific requirements and conditions,” the Etisalat statement said.

The largest private investor in Zain welcomed the offered price saying it is suitable for the two parties.

“We are pleased with offered price because it is good and suitable for both sides,” Nasser al-Khorafi, chairman of the Khorafi Group, was quoted as saying by Kuwait’s Al-Qabas newspaper.

The Khorafi Group has a direct ownership of 12.7 percent of Zain but its share is believed to be more than 20 percent if indirect stakes are taken into account.

The 46 percent is a controlling stake in Zain since 10 percent of its equity are in treasury shares which do not have voting power.

Stocks of Zain, the largest capitalised listed firm on the Kuwait Stock Exchange with 20 billion dollars, were suspended on Thursday pending the availability of details on the sale.

In March, Zain sold its operations in 15 African nations to India’s Bharti Airtel for 10.7 billion dollars, netting a profit of more than three billion dollars from the deal.

Besides Kuwait, Zain operates in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan and Morocco.

The Kuwaiti government holds a 24.6 percent stake in the firm, which currently has more than 30 million clients.

Before striking the deal with Bharti, Zain held unsuccessful negotiations with an Indo-Malaysian consortium to sell 46 percent of the company for about 14 billion dollars.