IKEA, Kuwait has been hacked. IKEA.com.kw

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I called up IKEA, IT team and said the site has been hacked, they said HACKED…., yup hacked…guys….immediately, I hear tapping on the keyboard.  Oh its been hacked.  The hacker just changed the index page, the remaining pages are all the same.

I am sure the person who hacked was pretty stupid, or some kid fed up of his daily dose of karma.


Why would they do that to a dog?

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Smart Ad in Kuwait

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The objective of this ad is to reach everyone behind the wheel and encourage them to use a head set.
In Kuwait the authorities usually leave cars involved in accidents by the road for a while.

Flood in Saudi Arabia!

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For some reason, I can’t seem to embed this liveleak video here, so here is the link


I kind of feel the water is moving way too quickly, like the video is stitched.

I’m out to check out Kuwait during the road blocks during GCC submit

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Its going to be hell driving around during the GCC summit, so I decided to check out the roads.

How fast can you read a newspaper in Kuwait

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I read the Arabtimes, simply because its fat with news. I was printing out a 5 page document, and reading the newspaper. As the documents finished printing I almost finished the paper.

HA…half the internet is in the newspaper.

Complain to ministry against growing hens

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Anyone knows where I can complain about the next building watchman, who grows chicken and dirties the whole area, with feces and food.

Appreciate details like telephone numbers, or if it is to the newspapers, email id for me to send pictures

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